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Pipe in PPU of isolation of GOST 30732-2006
   Branch in PPU of isolation of GOST 30732-2006
Tee in PPU of isolation of GOST 30732-2006
Tee with ball valve vent in PPU insulation GOST 30732-2006
P-shaped element in PPU insulation GOST 30732-2006
Z-shaped element in foam insulation GOST 30732-2006
Transition of the pipeline in PPU of isolation of GOST 30732-2006
Pipeline element with a cable of a conclusion in PPU of isolation of GOST 30732-2006
The terminal element of the pipeline with a cable output in PPU insulation GOST 30732-2006
GOST 30732-2006 sliding bearing
 Butt Sealing Kits
Polyethylene sheath pipe


The catalog contains thermal insulation of pipelines in the main versions offered by the factory "Bizol".

The use of pipe insulation with polyurethane foam is possible in a wide variety of cases and pipelines of any complexity: tees, taps, branches, pipelines according to GOST 30732-2006 and other shaped products in foam insulation for heating mains.

See a detailed description of the thermal insulation of pipes: technical information (pipe diameter, type of external protection, etc.), the scope of application of this type of pipe or elements of the pipeline, description of additional elements (output cables, etc.).

Insulation of pipelines using PPU is performed in an automated way, which increases the reliability and durability of the insulating shell. Also thanks to this, any, even the most complex elements (bends, branches, pipe bends) are isolated as carefully and reliably as simple straight pipes. In addition, the foam layer is protected from moisture and other external influences by thin-walled polyethylene pipe or galvanized steel sheath. As a result, it increases the service life of the final structure and allows the use of thermal insulation of PPU pipelines in almost any conditions.

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