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Installation of PPU pipes

Before starting the installation of thermally insulated pipes, PPU must carefully inspect them, as well as the connecting elements for chips, cracks and various mechanical damage on the protective polyethylene sheath.
If a defect is discovered, eliminate it according to the product specifications by production. In case of significant damage to the shell pipe and connection elements are replaced.
Before starting welding, check the conductors of the leak detection system. Measurements should be made using a digital pipe insulation tester. When welding, it is necessary to protect the polyurethane insulation layer of the pipes and the polyethylene sheath from the effects of high temperature and splashing and sparks of molten metal.
In order to provide free access to the joints of the pipe of the insulation foam and their elements during welding and further thermal insulation of the joints, it is necessary to prepare small pits 30-40 centimeters in depth and width at the junction, for free work on installing a heat-shrink sheath during the waterproofing of the joints.
At the end of the welding work, the heating main or its individual section is crimped, the integrity of all conductors of leak detection systems is checked, the conductors are connected in accordance with the design scheme. For connections, metal tinned sleeves are used, which are clamped to the wires using special tools. The joints after crimping the couplings are sealed.
At the end of the work, waterproofing and thermal insulation of the joints of the pipes and fill the trenches.
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