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Key Specifications


Steel pipes are used for pipe insulation with a diameter of 32 to 1020 mm and a length of up to 12 meters that meet the rules for the construction and safe operation of steam and hot water pipelines PB 10-573-03, according to the following GOSTs:
- GOST 20295 electric steel welded pipes;
- GOST 10704 electric steel welded pipes;
- GOST 8731 seamless hot-rolled steel pipes;
- GOST 8733 seamless cold-deformed steel pipes.
Steel bends, tees, shrink sleeves for PPU pipes, transitions and other products also comply with GOST.
There are the following requirements for the steel pipe used for insulation: before pouring, the pipe must be machined to remove rust and roughen the surface of the pipe to ensure good adhesion (adhesion) to polyurethane foam thermal insulation; the surface of pipes and parts should not have cracks flaws and sunsets. Our company sells steel pipes in polyurethane foam insulation.



The PE shell performs the function of protecting the polyurethane insulation layer from moisture and mechanical damage, protects the steel pipe from stray currents, thereby reducing metal corrosion. Read more about pipes in shells made of polyethylene.


For the production of pipelines for above-ground laying, a spiral-rolled shell of galvanized sheet steel according to GOST 14918-80 of class 1 or 2 is used as a protective sheath of pipe insulation, which corresponds to the requirements of SNiP 2.0414-88.

Cladding surface requirements:
- external - smooth, slight longitudinal stripes and undulations are allowed, not leading the pipe wall thickness out of the acceptable range;
- internal - with a rough surface.
On surfaces bubbles, cracks and extraneous inclusions are not allowed.


SODK is designed to monitor the state of the insulating layer and identify places of its moisture. Humidification of the PU foam insulation may be associated with coolant leaks or due to damage to the outer shell.

The UEC system is based on measuring the electrical conductivity of the insulating layer of pipelines. To control the humidity state of the thermal insulation state, signal copper conductors are used, which are installed in the layer of polyurethane foam insulation of all pipeline elements (pipes, bends, tees, fixed supports, etc.).
The UEC system allows to reduce the cost of repairing the heating system by 2-3 times.
If the diameter of the pipes and fittings in the insulation foam does not exceed 530 mm, then two indicator wires are installed in them. In products with a diameter of more than 530 mm, three indicator wires are installed for 3, 9 and 12 hours.
The presence of the UEC system in the design of the pipeline is provided for in GOST 30732-2006, SNiP 2.04.07 - 86 *, as well as SP 41-105-2002.
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