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Loading and unloading

Rules for loading and unloading:

Loading and unloading of insulated pipes and fittings is unacceptable with the use of chokes, chains, steel ropes and other load gripping devices that can cause insulation damage.
Such work should be carried out using traverses and elastic slings or soft towels with a width of 50-200 mm, or using steel slings equipped at the ends with special grippers to ensure that the pipes are grasped at their end sections, not covered by insulation, for pipes with a diameter of more than 108 mm.
For pipes with a diameter of less than 108 mm, only elastic slings or towels are used, located on the PPU pipes by 1/3 along their length.
Loading and unloading operations of pipes and fittings in polyurethane foam insulation, and their transportation should be carried out at temperatures up to minus 18 C, since at subzero temperatures the elasticity decreases and the fragility of polyethylene shells increases.
It is not allowed to drag insulated pipes on the ground, collide or drop them, and other similar actions that can cause damage to the insulation layer.
The bottom of the car body should be laid with gaskets in the form of wooden bars or sandbags, to ensure free passage of the piping between the pipes and the bottom of the body.


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