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The use of PPU pipes in a polyethylene shell provides for laying the pipeline directly into the trench, without building the usual in this case, using traditional insulating materials, concrete duct with a drainage system. PPU pipes in a galvanized shell are used for external piping.

The economic efficiency of the use of PPU pipes:

  • increase in the life of the pipeline to 30 years or more;
  • reduction of heat losses from the actual 25-30% to 2-3%;
  • cost reduction during the construction of new heating mains by 1.2-1.3 times;
  • 2-3 times reduction in construction and commissioning;
  • 3 times reduction in heating repair costs;

Heat losses in pipes in polyurethane foam insulation are minimal. Pipes in polyurethane foam insulation are practically not affected by stray currents, and therefore external corrosion. The technology "pipe in pipe" allows you to completely eliminate external corrosion of the pipeline. Polyurethane foam is inert to alkaline and acidic environments, protects the pipe from external corrosion and chemically aggressive environments, significantly extending the life of the pipeline.

PPU pipes are non-toxic and safe for humans.

Another advantage of PPU pipes is the system of operational remote control of the UEC for insulation wetting. The presence of the UEC system makes it possible to determine with high accuracy the places of penetration of moisture into the pipeline (occurrence of damage or defects in the polyethylene sheath, welded and butt joints), to prevent accidents and to carry out repair work quickly, efficiently and with minimal involvement of material and human resources.


Gosstroy of Russia in SNiP 2.04.07-86, by amendment No. 2, made the following recommendations: “for channel-free laying of heating networks, pre-insulated pipes with polyurethane foam (in accordance with GOST 30732-2001) pipe insulation should be mainly used.
"The pipelines of heating networks from pipes with polyurethane foam thermal insulation in a polyethylene protective sheath shall be equipped with a remote control system for the moisture state of the polyurethane foam."


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