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We are proud to offer you refractory materials and a range of services supplied by our company, including information and engineering support in application of the materials and making thermotechnical calculations.

BIZOL company specializes in manufacture and supply of innovative materials which can enable considerable energy saving in the production process and significantly less consumption of refractory and acid-proof materials used for metal casting as well as for lining the heating and chemical units (furnaces, boilers, burners, ladles, baths, etc.) and their components (gas flues, pipes, etc.).

Less consumption of refractory (acid-proof) materials is due to the application of special mortar and protective coating. Mortars “bind” lining bricks making the lining monolithic, thin layer of coating makes an extra-hard refractory facing (fire resistance is over 1,900 °С) and low-porosity monolithic (seamless) coating. This “ceramic armour” increases the service life of the refractory (acid-proof) lining considerably, and, in some cases, enables application of relatively low-cost chamotte products, rather than expensive corundum refractory materials.

Energy saving is possible due to the application of heat-insulating expansion concrete and heat-insulating paints. Expansion concrete works the same as the sealing foam, but the expansion process results in durable refractory frame structure with high heat-insulating properties. This material is effective in heat insulating of equipment and in hot patching of refractory lining (i.e. repairs while the equipment is in service) by means of injection. Heat-protective paints form an effective thin heat-insulating layer, they are applied to a surface of the enclosure of equipment, pipeline, etc. with a roller or a paint sprayer, operating temperature of paints ranges from 250 °С to 500 °С.

The most successful way to increase the cost-performance ratio of the heating and chemical units and to save energy in the production process is an integrated engineering approach employing the proposed materials, and a developed comprehensive plan of application of the materials based on the specific requirements of a Customer.

First Russian innovative multiple-use baffles manufactured by our company also enable more efficient steel teeming due to an ability to re-use these baffles and in view of their relatively low cost as compared to the similar products of foreign manufacturers.

If you become interested in the proposed refractory materials and related services, our specialists would be glad to share more detailed information with you and to develop the project aimed at extending the service life of heating equipment and saving energy in the production process together with a feasibility study of this project.

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