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Multiple-Use Baffles

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New material produced in Russia – refractory multiple-use baffles.

Our company is engaged in manufacture and sale of constructional heat-insulating materials and ceramic constructional materials. The company has a structural unit that deals with development and manufacture of ceramic constructional materials, among the products of this structural unit is ceramic material on the basis of fused grains of Al2O3 - ZrO2 - ZrB2 system.

This material is used in production of multiple-use refractory baffles of KTsSP-1 grade (corundum zirconia composite plates.) Manufacturing technique assumes the production of baffles with high performance characteristics. What makes the material unique is that it combines all benefits of both oxygen and oxygen-free ceramics: high hardness, fire resistance, durability and thermal resistance and low metal saturation. Porosity of non-saturated insert is 8 % that fully prevents saturation of this insert with liquid metal.

Properties and quality of baffles comply with ВТУ 75430132-008-2009, baffles are being manufactured according to the Customer’s drawings.

High performance characteristics of KTsSP-1 baffles are due to reinforcement of their contact surface with a unique material, see specification of this material in the table 1 below.

Table 1. Specification of material of contact surface of baffles


KTsSP-1 baffle

Other Russian baffles

German or Chinese mass-produced baffles

Composition, mass. %

Al2O3 > 32;

ZrO2 > 20;

ZrB2 > 24

MgO ~ 95 %

Al2O3 ~ 80; ZrO2 ~ 5; С ~ 4

Bending strength, MPa

~ 55

~ 25

~ 35

Porosity, %

~ 8

No saturation

~ 10

After being saturated

~ 10

After being saturated

Vickers hardness, hPa

~ 24

~ 9

~ 18

(corundum grains)

Thermal resistance (1,300°C-air), thermal cycles up to 30 % loss of strength

> 100

~ 8

No data

Basic features of the surface reinforcing material which significantly extends service life of baffles and ensures their reliable operation:

  • Material is composed of fused microcrystallitic grains of Al2O3 - ZrO2 - ZrB2 system which provide for extremely durable and strong structure. Extreme hardness prevents the contact surface from defects, the surface remains smooth and flawless.
  • High thermal resistance of the material prevents spalling of the contact surface in the course of operation.
  • Porosity of currently produced baffles that are being saturated with carbon-bearing solutions increases in the course of operation since saturation material (bakelite lacquer or resins) degrades and fades under high temperatures revealing porous structure of the material. Material of KTsSP-1 baffle contact surface is low porous even without saturation, low porosity structure is due to its refractory ceramic frame. Low porosity prevents penetration of liquid metal into the material that is why the surface of this material remains smooth and flawless in the course of operation.

Benefits from application of the proposed products:

- high performance characteristics of baffles that provide for reduction of cost per refractory material for casting;

- reliable and regular supplies since the production facilities are situated within the Russian Federation;

- higher performance of a ladle that is possible due to rarer replacement of baffles in a divider plate;

- high-performance Russian products shall create the healthy competition at your enterprise and make an additional opportunity of another baffles manufacturer option.

- the prices for products are in Russian rubles that considerably reduced expenses of a Customer due to exemption of additional fees required by customs clearing of the imported goods.

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